Art Where We Live - Part I, by Wendy DeRaud

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp


Home - our refuge, our peace, our love. Each room is a blank canvas on which to express the hearts of the people who live here. It is a place to express our gratitude, to vent our frustrations, to get cozy and real.


I want my home to reflect my husband and me, our tastes, what we believe is important and beautiful, meaningful and significant. All sorts of histories and memories are displayed, but most of all, our art. Our home is our gallery.

Coming from a family of artists, I had to be sure that not only do we hang our family's work, but keep our walls current with our own art, and that of local artists we've started to collect.

Our home tells our story.


For 18 years we lived in a much smaller home and raised our 3 children there, until we lost it in a foreclosure. When we were left some money after my Dad died, we were able to afford this home. Though it has beautiful bones, it was in great need of some TLC, so we were able to buy at a much lower price. 




Inside our home, Mid-Century Modern meets Eclectic. Some of our furniture was passed down, some gently used, some our own purchases, all a huge gift. We want our home to bring comfort, and for our sincere and heartfelt hospitality to welcome each guest with open arms. Because it wasn't too long ago when we could have been homeless if it weren't for the grace and mercy of God.



When you come over, you will probably see piles of books, the messes, the scattered papers in process of being compiled into manuscripts.






You'll probably notice clutter here and there, future discards and a few eyesores. We don't want to hide these parts of us away in our closets, but need to keep them in view so we don't forget them. Our home is not staged, even for these photographs. I'm not the best at cleaning; Mark insists it's because I'm an artist and I'd rather be painting/blogging/gardening. That excuse works for me. Isn't this lived-in look something most interior designers are asked to create for their clients, but to us, it just comes so naturally??


We still are amazed that we live here. 


I am especially thankful to now have the space to spread out, and to design a special purpose for each of the rooms. What a joy it is for me to find many different nooks, spots and crannies to settle into, finding a view outside, enjoying the unique ambiance and qualities curated into each room.


My favorite room is what we call the Music Room, a place where we like to talk, play the 103 year old piano I inherited from my grandmother, or strum a guitar. 




We like to think that we can be free of devices here, and enjoy the gallery walls, conversation, and the work of Craig the potter, the dear friend who found us this home almost 7 years ago.





The view of our neighbor's spectacular tree out the large picture window we choose to keep uncovered, is calming, especially on a stormy day.




Wherever you may live today, may you find a way to display something that says this is you, this is what you love, what you believe, what you think is important. You could make it yourself or buy it from a friend. It may be a gift, a color, texture, painted, woven, sculpted, or a piece of paper with a special poem tacked onto the mirror above your dresser. When you see it from your little place in the sun, it will remind you that you are at home there, that you belong, are at peace, and a part of you will always remain there, no matter where time takes you. May art make you your home.