Be. Here. Now. by Wendy DeRaud


To be is to be me, without pretense, without putting up a false front, without performing to gain anything, without striving, controlling or conniving.

Here in my garden, I can just be, along with the dirt, leaves, buds, blossoms, flowers, fruit.


We are all living here together in this Spring sunshine, and we have found our spots in the dirt. We were planted here and we grew here. What a wonder, that here in this garden, surrounded by beauty, we can just be together.

The air is rich with the fragrance of orange, grapefruit and lemon blossom, as the buds are swiftly turning to flower. While a few fruit remain for me to pick, some will fall to the ground and rot.


I want to capture that fragrance in this moment before it's gone for another year, because now is all I have.

This moment is different than any other, the resplendent silence that lingers in the air could be swallowed up by leaf blowers in the next minute, and I could have missed its sweetness and promise.

This moment is at the very intersection in time when the lavender is the most vivid and full, before it fades into the muted tones of summer's heat.

This moment is when the sun still holds heat for me before it hides behind the back fence, and an evening chill sets in.

This moment will soon pass and I barely have the time to take it all in. This now transitions to the next, as a gift that I can hold lightly, thank God for, then let go.

These are the simple pleasure of being for which I seek, and find only when I decide to stop doing for a little while, and take the time I need, to rest, restore and refuel. Tomorrow will come and the duties and activities of life will press upon me and all these moments will swiftly pass me by, until I stop and be once again.