The Spiritual Garden of God, by Wendy DeRaud

The eyes of George MacDonald have been perhaps the most difficult things I've ever drawn. Maybe it's because of that faraway look in his eyes, setting his heart on things above the earth, or imagining another fairy tale landscape on the distant horizen. This is still a work in progress but I'm posting it anyway.

I love George MacDonald. I haven't read as many of his books as I'd like, but what I have read has always spoken deeply to my heart. If you love C.S. Lewis, then you'd be happy to know that Lewis considered George MacDonald to be his "master", and from reading his books, he believed his imagination was baptized.


His words seem antiquated and lofty, and they are; he wrote in the Victorian age, and was the  contemporary and friend to both Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain. He wrote prolifically and in every literary form, poetry, fantasy, fairy tales, novels and nonfiction, and all because he wanted to express the unseen, the true Father's heart, and the love of God found in everyday life.


He was raised in a hyper-Calvinist home and because of his unorthodox contrary views, was excommunicated from the pastorate. He turned to writing to support his wife and 11 children, dedicating himself to dispelling the false image of Christ and writing about the true one, exemplified in his characters, plots, imaginary worlds and mythology.


For this reason, I consider George MacDonald to be both a prophet and an artist, still speaking truth to today's culture, and how best to live and walk out our life in Christ.

"Each of us is a distinct flower in the spiritual garden of God, each of us watered and shone upon and filled with life, for the sake of his completed being, which will blossom out of him at last to the glory and pleasure of the great gardener." George MacDonald


This quote from his Unspoken Sermons expresses a way that God sees each of us, as a unique masterpiece created by God and for a special purpose that sometimes takes a lifetime to discover. You may already recognize what's behind your creative spark and the unction that compels you to create.

As we develop our interior lives and express out of those mysterious depths, we can discover what kind of flower we are growing to become in God's spiritual garden.