Getting Started, Day 2 - Wendy DeRaud

I noticed that as I did what most writers advised me to do, that is, to commit to write every day, the whole mechanism with which I write began to feel stilted, forced, self-conscious. What once had felt free, light and airy suddenly felt heavy-laden, cumbersome and dark. Every time I sat down to write, I felt like I was adding a brick to the wall that was to become my very own infamous, "Writers Block".


Typical me, typical you, typical us.

Perfectionism, fear, the persistent burden of self-doubt, all of these bogeymen come into play when we want to create.

We know that just on the other side of fear is an open field on which to play with our creative selves, have a conversation with our imaginations, engage with the right side of the brain which has been benched for too long.


When I finally put aside all those books on how to write, my inner critic had to sit in the corner.



My intuitive self was right, I just had to start. I’m here today to just start. Period. Word by word, bird by bird. (I am just telling you what I've been wrestling with and I know most of you are with me, right?)

What I'm here for today is for this: to be inspired, to participate with you, in the artistic process in whatever form it takes, whether it's writing, drawing, painting, or planting tomato plants.

I love beauty, meaning, faces and the people behind them, the words that explain them, the elements of nature that surrounds us all. I love seeing God in each face, each cloud formation, in each element of nature.

And I want you too to be inspired to create. Not only do I want to be set free to express, but I get excited when I see someone else realize they can do it too.

By looking at my husband’s beautiful (and yet, some chillingly mysterious) paintings on this website, by reading the quotes posted here, or even reading about my struggles to get into a steady and life-giving habit of creative expression, you too may come closer to beginning. By my attempt at tearing down the wall, or eradicating the fabricated writer's block I've erected in my mind, you may become a little more encouraged to start tearing down yours.


Let's go after it.