Guided Painting, by Wendy DeRaud

"Yes", oil painting by Mark DeRaud, 1999






After the school shooting in Columbine, Colorado in 1999, Mark prayed for an image for a painting about it. He was in a local bookstore when he was given the image of the outstretched arms of Christ forming the letter, "Y" for the word, "Yes".

When he painted that image of Christ, he also saw another face, which he painted white, overlapping Christ's face, with white hands dancing above it.

He also depicted a hand in the shape of a gun pointed at Christ..

Mark had heard about one of the victims of the Columbine massacre named Cassie Bernall, but he hadn't heard of Rachel Scott. Rachel was the first victim who, according to an eye-witness, was allegedly mocked for her faith before she was shot by the 2 shooters.

Darrell Scott, Rachel's Dad, was coming to speak at a church in Fresno, and because of the painting, Mark was invited to meet him and hear him speak.

Rachel was vocal and strong in her faith and highly creative. Shortly before her death, she wrote in her journal, and drew a picture of a Columbine flower out of which dropped 13 drops of blood, that would soon signify the 13 people killed that day at Columbine High School. She also had performed a mime in her high school talent show. That same mime was televised during her memorial service, and there the dancer was, with white hands and white face, just like in Mark's painting.

It became apparent that not only had Rachel  prophesied her death in her journal, but that Mark's painting also contained prophetic elements, images he couldn't have known about if he hadn't asked God to guide him in his painting.