My Summer of Mosaic, Part I - by Wendy DeRaud

Are you one of these strange creatures? 

A Person who is creative in many areas: Multi-talented | Creative Polymath | Multipotentialite | Renaissance Man/Woman | Versatile | Jack-of-all-trades

Sometimes I have to remind myself that creativity can take on many forms. If today I can't make a new painting, maybe I can make a new soup. Today I might write a poem, tomorrow, rearrange the furniture, the next day, sign up for a watercolor class.


You too may be frustrated with yourself, that you're not focused on one artistic discipline but instead float between several. For one week you're obsessed with collage, then for another season, all you can think about is re-painting old furniture. You, like me, may be a creative polymath.

Don't be discouraged. There are certain periods of life that for whatever reason, we are unable to fully delve into a particular passion, so that creative impetus morphs into another form. Sometimes happy accidents occur and we find a medium that appeals to us more than we imagined.

That's what happened with me and mosaic. I had always wanted to try mosaic, and finally found a spot that seemed perfectly suited for it. The master bath in our mid-century modern home had been covered with mirrors, which had been popular back in the late 50's. I wanted to take down the mirrors and put up a mosaic.

I researched it and started gathering the materials for the project, including and the shell and sea glass collection I had always wanted to use in a mosaic. I started looking for little tiles at a local tile business that sold extra pieces at a cut rate. I found great glass pieces on eBay too, as well as glass left over from my our kitchen backsplash.  I figured out my color palette, set out my big piece of hardibacker board on my dining room table, put butcher paper on top of it, and began my mosaic adventure.




Tomorrow: My Summer of Mosaic, Part 2