Painting from Visions, by Wendy DeRaud

Have you or anyone you know ever had a vision, a waking vision where you saw something in your mind’s eye, instead of seeing something right before your eyes in the “real world”?

The Prophet Joel once famously prophesied that In the last days, the days we are in right now, that old men shall dream dreams, and young men shall see visions.


We don't often hear about how common it really is for everyday people like you and me to have visions today. I wonder how many visions get lost or abandoned before they are shared? God sends these visions to us for a purpose, distilled into symbols for us to decipher. Yet how many of us feelfrustrated trying to describe them, and believe that if only a real artist would paint it, then it could be explained properly. The thought of having to paint it ourselves seems impossible.

Then the vision fades from our memory and we forget to tell anyone, hiding it in our hearts.


Mark had a vision and decided to paint it.

He was driving down the road when the vision emerged. He pulled over because the image and the ensuing message were so strong he couldn't drive.




It was a a picture of Jesus' body and a hand stretching out to touch Him. There was a sense of being a part of an ancient stream of DNA from generations past to this present time, the unbroken connection between every believer in history. Christians all over the world could make their connection with Christ, people in Nigeria, people in China, Europe, Israel, Mozambique, Canada, India, everywhere in the world and in every epoch in history.

The hand he painted could have been my hand or your hand, it looked fully dimensional, helping me imagine that I too could be a part of that connection throughout the ages. The painting was a marble-like form chiseled by his paintbrush into the musculature of the chest, making it seem as cold as the stone, yet with the hand poised over it, it had the appearance of something that could be made warm and alive by touch, becoming intensely personal.

If you had a vision, how would you express it? Through a story, a song, a poem or a painting? Even if rough and raw, these visions of ours beg to be shared, because you never know just who needs to see something so mysterious yet so deeply personal, given to speak in ways mere words cannot. Joel said this would happen, and who knows, it just might happen to you.